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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

Marsali wrote:
Bondi, you wrote..."But saying let your yes be yes and your no be no..."
What the heck does that have to do with what I wrote? It's gibberish.
James 5:12 might be gibberish in to, but I am sure others take it quite seriously.

As for what I meant, the scripture was quoted to me in argument to the fact Freemasons take an oath, to which I stated other scenarios in which you do the same.

You then replied with the differences between the types, to which I say, according to the scripture you need only, and should only say yes or no.

Anything is against that scripture.

Marsali wrote:
You wrote...."so which one is allowed, the invoking or the promising?" Again, what the heck does that mean, or what does it have to do with what I wrote? More gibberish.
Not really, you said there was a difference between invoking the name of god and promising to him. Which one is okay to do.

Are you breaking the rules if you invoke the name of god, which by the way you do not do in Freemasonry.

Or are you breaking the rules if you promise something to him.

The questions are quite simple.

Marsali wrote:
The threat of the death oath is 'symbolic' for the severity of revealing secrets?

Marsali wrote:
So the threat of death is completely unfounded, then.
What part of symbolic is confusing you?

Marsali wrote:
Are the new Masonic initiates told that they are meaningless, and just 'symbolic'?
Actually yes they are;

The Specific Part of the EA Obligation:

The penalties incurred for willful violation of your Masonic Obligation will not be of a physical nature. The penalties that you recite at the conclusion of you Obligation are purely symbolic. This should have been explained in the preparatory address. The Mason who violates his Obligation will subject himself to Masonic discipline, which could include the loss of membership in the Lodge and the Fraternity, either by suspension or expulsion.
I've bolded the important bits for easy reading.
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