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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

Saturnino wrote:
Bondi, knowing who the Masons are doesn't help seeing what they do. Whta do you think, that we should knock on their doors and they would tell us all about their schemes ?
That wasn't the question.

It is hardly fair to knock for not answering something that wasn't asked.

He wanted a list of all the members, he never asked anything esle (or she, don't know which you are Freedman, so no offence)

Saturnino wrote:We have centuries of history that tells us about their mischief, their own books that tell us about their Luciferian doctrine, hundreds of witnesses (ex-Masons) who tells us what happens there...even here in Brazil they threw down the can go to Paris today and see the church where they killed almost a hundred priests.
as you can go to Rwuanda and see the mass grave of the genecide cause by Christians.

The inqusition had a few fatalities I seem to recall.

Saturnino wrote:
Their values are totally in line with the New World Order and are against religion, nationalism and tradition.
They have no religious stance, no political stance, any lodge that has is not a regular masonic lodge, and therefore not Freemasonry.

The values, or as we call them the 3 principles, of Freemasonry are

Truth, Relieve, and Bortherly Love.

The term brotherly love as taught to all masons is brother as fellow humans, ie all are equal, before you get the wrong end of that stick and start wagging it.

Saturnino wrote:
I don't where to start ! Please consider reading at least one book about it from the other perspective.
That is where I started.
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