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Default Re: Hiding in plain sight

Sure, sounds right. There's an author who allegedly was in one of the high circles in California, Mike Warnke. Although some of his stories are considered urban legends, he gives a detailed description of the gradual indoctrination process through casual sex and drugs, etc., which are also a part of cult conversion.

The outer circles are the "clowns", meaning not that they are foolish but that they have all of the expected regalia: the long robes, the amulets, etc. They "look the part" for the curious and embittered. These are the kind you find in N*e*w H*o*p*e, in a shop called The R*a*g*g*e*d E*d*g*e, and affiliates. You can feel the oppressiveness and snobbishness of the Celtic occult influence. If you ever come up to Pennsy, let me know and I can show you around these places.
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