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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.


TURD World ? You can't even write in English, white trash.

Where did you get those absurd numbers ? 86% illiteracy rate ? Are you crazy ? We have 99% of children in school, moron.

3% illiteracy rate in the US ? Maybe they were all in Lousiana, and now you have 0%.

Listen, stupid trailer trash: I lived 2 years in the States, and I can guarantee that I've seen shit much like those pictures you found, with the difference that you do it by choice. You ignorant redneck probably haven't travelled outside your county.

I won't even bother to send pictures of the skyscrappers, the beautiful beaches and the good land of Brazil. You don't deserve them. Leave them to the LOTS of Americans who come here and love it.

Now go back to watch Jerry Springer: your mother is telling everybody she slept with you.
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