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Default Re: B'nai B'rith-ADL Doesn't Represent Jews

Barbara wrote:
Thumper, the pogroms you refer to were simply a reacton to the machinations of jews among native populations. A survival response on the part of those people, if you will.
I think it can also be argued that the Jews were set up. Just look at the middle east and how you had Jewish minority populations residing in Iraq for literally a thousand years in relative harmony, and now suddenly 'Zionism' is the new buzzword, and they want the Jews off the face of earth.

What would your response be if your house were infested by rattlesnakes? Would you try to sit down with them and explain to them that you want to live and try to find some common ground whereby you could peacefully co-exist? How successful do you think you would be?

For you and your family to live in that house, you would have to clear out the rattlesnakes as quickly and thoroughly as possible.
While I don't consider all Jews bad, you do have a point there. It's unfortunate that many of them choose professions that are 'parasitical' to society, such bankers, pornographers, psychiatrists, etc.

Of course the ideal situation would be that we all have our independent nation states so don't have to 'accomodate' anyone.

As to the question involving holocausts, to date, there has not been even one single "holocaust" perpetrated against the jews. More lies to keep people blind to the truth, BTW, the definition of holocaust is destruction by fire or a sacrifice completely consumed by fire.
I dunno if I'd go that far Barbara. I go with what Myron Fagan said, a Jew himself, where the actual numbers were around 600,000. :-o But maybe you could convince me.

For goodness sake, READ!!! The evidence is out there, provided by brave men like Ernst Zundel, Gemar Rudolf, Robert Faurisson, David Irving and so many more!! Why else do you think the jews, working through the captive German, Austrian, U.S., Canadian, etc., governments have these people in jail for "thought crimes?"

The jews greatest enemy is and always has been the truth. Only lies can cover their dastardly Satanic acts down through history.
I used to think this way too, but Dr. Makow said it best when he suggested that this was extremely sophisticated provocation from the NWO. We have to remember that everything is designed to provoke a reaction.

Is the ACLU really acting in the best Jewish interests by attacking things like Christmas, but never drawing attention to Palestinian terrorist attacks? What better way to cement hatred towards all Jews by equating opposition to the NWO with anti-semitism? It doesn't make sense.

I really suggest you get both sides of the story, Barb. WNism is a good primer for getting the skinny on the Joos, but that's just half the story. I've started listening to an Israeli radio station and when you hear about how their government has betrayed them, it'll give you some perspective about how the whole human race is being played by the NWO, including the Jews.

(I listen to Tamar Yonah)

Surely you cannot still be unaware of their true history but, if so, let me recommend a good book that will answer all your questions. It is "The Riddle of the Jew's Success," by F. Roderich-Stoltheim, written in 1927. It is a history book, with no polemiics on the part of the author.

This book was banned and burned in Germany after the war but, as with all truth, copies remained in other countries and it as been translated and reissued for sale. Personally, I think you can see God's hand moving in this.
hmmm, interesting. I'll look into that. But what if it's just like another Protocols type book that uses the Jews as a lightning rod?

It was available on Amazon until a screener for the ADL had it removed. Beware book burners and banners, they have much to hide. Beware of those with the power to force governments to make laws stiffling debate on ANY subject, they have much to hide. They cannot abide the truth and glory in lies, teir very existance is made possible by lies.

As to the smoke and mirrors surrounding the "giveaway" of the Gaza Strip, all of the land now called Israel was 99% stolen/robbed from the Palestinian people who owned it. Lord Rothchild started what he called his Kasar settlements in the first quarter of the last century and warned the British who were in controll of Palestine at that time to keep their hands off them. Like obedient servants, the British did just that.

The Gaza strip is simply one big concentration camp for Palestinians. The IDF shoots Palestinians there like fish in a barrel and torment the residents with sonic booms from low-flying Israeli jets on a daily basis, causing everyting from nosebleeds to dementia and death, especially in children. Israel cuts off the power and water supply to the Gaza strip, thereby punishing the Palesenians for living.

Jews serve jews' interest. Today, as I've said seems like a hundred times, the jews and their organizations like the International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, political action committees and other jewish organizations, fifth columnists inside governments, etc., are the number one tool in the NWO tool box.

If you cannot yet see this, then you have to keep researching. See how money makes most things happen, or not. Power comes about as the result of having absolute control over the world's fiat debt money system.

Slowly but surely the truth is coming to light, but will it be in time save the world? I don't think so, too little time left.
good point to ponder, Barbara, thanks :-(
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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