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Default Re: Aussie Fake Terror Linked to Brit Intelligence

Thanks for this Barbara. I hav'nt been keeping up with work and all...WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it really.

I would love to know... Who discusses their plans over the phone. Who states clearly and often that they are under intense surveillence but continue anyway?

I tell you, ASIO and the A.F.P are DESPERATE to keep the funding. They will grasp onto any straw to keep the paper work justifying the budget and that is increased with the intense rivalry between ASIO and the AFP for the doolars and the glory and those kewl black uniforms.

Aspects of both groups are working for other interests...happy Honniker!!!!!!!

Mind you, the local Muslim's have not been vocal enough in their opposition to these idiots. They can hate the war in Iraq but they must reiterate their opposition to local violence LOUDLY and CLEARLY to the fat, slob Oz people coz they are losing local support.

One final thing...the majority of the idiot patsies are Lebbo's. Quite frankly if they had all benn accidently shot in the arrests I would not have shed any tears. They are little, ungrateful arseholes and they ASK for it. They also finance things with ALOT of Meth dealing. ALL West Oz's high quality Meth is coming in through the local Lebbo's who's gang is called the "Sword Boys". They should all be packed off to Lebanon. Every last one of them and I'm not know for intolerence.
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