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Default Re: Dis-information.

The Quran is the only way... Jesus Christ is the only way.

Give it a rest. Faith is the only way. All true faiths lead to God. If God is in your heart, you are on the right path. God is peace and understanding and mercy and love and grace and truth.

God loves ALL his children. Satan's children are not following God and God still loves them... he wants to turn them from their evil ways. Belief in God is having faith in something good from beyond - a positive creative force. Satanists believe in this life alone and not the afterlife. Complete Destruction. They think only of themselves. They are seeking to destroy God's children through the annihilation of all faiths.

They are seeking to destroy hope.

Wake up and stop arguing. You are family. You are supposed to seek the common ground in the name of peace for the love of the children. Isn't that what a family does?

Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Mary XXX
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