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Default Re: Knocking Ruppert and The Mysterious Origin of Oil

Vaills lives down the road from me.

He is hard to fathom.

There is no doubt he produces absoloute gems. He has contacts in Russian Intelligence probably through his Oil industry days who feed him info/gossip.

He is frustratingly inconsistent which makes me very careful with what I take in from him.

He makes claims of which I personally know and are bullshit.

I fear his linking of "Peak Oil" and the "Abiotic Origens" of oil with 'Zionists' will be counterproductive.

When the open questioning of the oil industry begins we can guess the first site they will quote..."Nut Case Anti-Semetic" Joe Vialls and that will bury that one.

For the best current writing on "Peak Oil" scam and the "Ruppertarians" go to...

Dave does excellent research and has an entertaining writing style.

I will give several Kudo's to Vialls.

One is that car bombs DO NOT leave craters. I've worked with explosives and I did'nt even see what was before my eyes until Joe pointed it out. I was quite gob smacked. I believe that the Bali bombing and the Jakarta bombing were mini nukes. There is no other explanation for the damage...N-O-N-E.

That includes the large 'car bomb' in Baghdad a few months ago at that hotel.

Predicting the form of the current Iraq invasion and it's timing. Another one to Vialls. Not to mention the current possibility of the Haifa pipeline being reactivated which I attribute to him first.

There are quite a few more.

My reticence lies in the fact that theres enough good stuff to be poisened with the 'anti-semetic' theme which you can gaurantee that the media will latch onto post haste destroying perfectly credible explanations in the eye of the public.

This is why I'm suspicious of Joe Vialls.

He has also been caught out on many lies and exaggerations particularly with regards the Port Arthur massacare.

This may be innocent.

As for Nexus...great little mag based in Sydney Oz. Some great stories inbetween the Alien Lizard and Alien abduction stories!

Are we out to win the war?

This does not help.

Either we want to recruit people to the cause or we're an exclusive club to discuss whether Lord Rothschild is a lizard.
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