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Default Re: B'nai B'rith-ADL Doesn't Represent Jews

Thumper, again repeating myself, the Eastern Roman Empire, it's culture intact, it's people at peace, lasted 1,000 years longer than did the Western Roman Empire for three reasons:

1. The jews living there, in peace, were forbidden any form of money changing, lending or banking activity.

2. The jews living there, in peace, were forbidden to take part in government.

3. The jews living there, in peace, were forbidden from teaching in the centers of education and learning.

Again I will say that manifestations of what is today dubbed "anti-semitism" is simply a survival instinct coming to the fore against a very real threat.

Thumper, I don't listen to Israeli OR American radio, I don't need the propaganda.

I have a library of books of my own, only a thousand or so now because I gave so many to friends when I moved here from Texas, and I assure you I have a very good understanding of history.

You say the jew has been set up. That would have to mean that the nasty old NWO was at work setting them up from the beginning of recorded time because their nature and actions have not changed appreciably since recorded history began.
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