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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.

I'm laughing out loud here...I've just noticed that the trailer trash redrat is from ARIZONA !
I've actually lived in Arizona, north of Phoenix, and he can fool anyone but me about the shithole it is.

Arizona economy 2003 : US$ 182 billion
Sao Paulo CITY economy: US$ 200 billion...not the state, the CITY.

Drive north from Phoenix to Wickenburg and all you see is people living in shacks made from sheets of metal by the road, with a rusty old carcass of an car in the "frontyard". Except from parts of Scottsdale, the whole state stinks.

Go to one of the indian reservations and experience the reality of 90% alcoholism problem. You actually drive thru miles and miles of broken bottles by the road (must be their sport there).
In Phoenix itself, you can't walk around or you get a can of beer thrown at you by a yelling idiot in an old truck.

We used to live in what they told us was a nice condo, where they stole our laundry from the washing machines. Mean looking punks with tatoos all over, drunken guys falling from the stairs at night, fat single mothers on dole screaming and spanking their poor babies all day. My wife made me move to a very expensive gated condo in order to have some peace, and even then we were followed one evening after stopping by a 7-Eleven by a car with 4 guys...I actually had to outrun them.

There are parts of Phoenix where you have to pray to get out alive.
The only fun they have is to go to a sad casino in indian land and eat hamburguers dripping fat on the baccarat table.
And he wants to say that living there is beter than in this cosmopolitan city I live in, with some of the best culinary in the world, the 2nd largest fleet of helicopters in the globe, dozens of theaters, and beautiful people. Even the Americans at my school used to say that Arizona was a shithole.

It must be hard for redrat to live in the richest country in the world and to have nothing for be what Americans call a loser.

Actually, calling redrat a redneck is not honest to good people in Georgia or Arkansas.

Anyway, what is sickening is the ATTITUDE. There is more to life than the economy. We would drive by those neighborhoods with modest houses and a car in front and be told they were high crime places, like in the "Boyz in the Hood" movie. We would then talk to ourselves...boy, with a car and a house, in Brazil those people would be raising a healthy family, going to school...instead, in Arizona they were taking drugs and drinking. This in a country where if you are bright, you can get a scholarship and achieve anything, but they thought it better to hail Bush and shoot road signs.

In fact, many of those people who live in slums in Brazil put themselves thru college with much effort. People are nice and happy, despite the poverty. I wonder how they would fare with 50% of the money Arizonians have.

Can anyone from a civilized place like Denmark, Germany or Connecticut please come and bash Brazil ??? :-)


São Paulo, "the world's fastest growing
city," is the major financial and business center of Latin America, responsible for half of Brazil's GDP. (Gross Domestic Product)
The city has the best services and transportation infrastructure, including two airports. Cumbica International Airport, located in Guarulhos, about 30 km from São Paulo's downtown, offers regular national and international flights. The airport nearest to downtown is Congonhas, which operates shuttle, regional and international flights.
São Paulo offers visitors a great variety of attractions. There are approximately 70 museums, more than 200 cinemas, 50 theatres, art galleries and cultural centers, and an exciting nightlife.
The Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP) is located in the middle of the Avenida Paulista and is the most important museum of Western art in Latin America. It features works of Bosch, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Renoir, Degas and Brazilian masters like Di Cavalcanti, Portinari and Tarsila do Amaral. On the museum grounds, many musical shows are performed, and a large antique fair takes place each Sunday.
The Ipiranga Museum displays an important sculpture "The Independence of Brazil" marking a key moment in Brazil's political history, when the country gained independence from Portugal. It is situated on the back of Independence Park, creating the mood of a European palace.
Pinacoteca do Estado is the oldest museum in São Paulo and a magnificent example of 19th century architecture.
The Municipal Theatre is the main venue for dance productions and national and international music concerts, like Sala São Paulo with capacity for more than 1500 people, if had presented in the Sala São Paulo great Orchestras as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and others.
Restored in 1991, it has preserved a baroque style as well as components of Art Nouveau.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Sé is the main church of the city and features the largest organ of Italian origin in Latin America. The monastery of São Bento has neo-Gothic elements and contains many rare artifacts.
Cultural spaces like the Latin America Memorial, the São Paulo Cultural Center and Oscar Americano Foundation offer a daily variety of events for all interests.
São Paulo offers many leisure spaces, with 23 public parks including 1.6 million square meter Ibirapuera Park that is the most famous and important in São Paulo. It shelters the Bienal Pavilion and the Contemporary Art Museum. The park also stages shows and concerts of popular and classic music every weekend.
The São Paulo Zoo is considered one of the best in the world. Simba Safari shelters many animals from Africa such as antelopes, zebras, monkeys, tigers and lions.
30 km from São Paulo is Embú, a tiny and charming town with colonial-baroque architecture, where artisans exhibit and sell handcrafts. Masterpieces from the slavery era can be found at the artisans' workshops.
São Paulo is known as a city that doesn't sleep, offering its visitors a thrilling nightlife. The network of cinemas is large and modern. Theatres present important plays by national and international authors. With restaurants, which often close late, bars that don't close, and fabulous dance clubs, the city is rich with options for all interests and tastes.
The city also has 29 shopping malls, spread over several districts. The crafts fairs, art galleries and antique shops are also a smart choice.
With a privileged location, São Paulo is situated a short distance from wonderful beaches, mountains and ecological reserves.
The capital of fine cuisine, leisure and culture is also the financial and commercial center of Brazil. About 2.5 million tourists visit São Paulo annually, with the majority coming to attend fairs, seminars and conventions.
Anhembi complex is the largest business conference center in Latin America. Other modern convention centers and exhibition halls in the city are Rebouças Convention Center, Bienal Pavilion (in Ibirapuera), Expo Center Norte, SP Market Center, as well as conference centers at some of the best hotels: Transamérica, Intercontinental, Renaissance, Caesar Park and L'Hotel.

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