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Default Re: Who Owns The World ???

Here is TB's theory...

based mostly on inuendo, a little knowledge and a small amount of personal experience...

Who prospers most in this materialist world?

Who were the original paper money scammers?

Who mans the think tanks, shool of economics and are King of the bean counters?

Who maintains with ultimate and undying ferver their traditions and standards while all around it would seem the Goyim are willing executioners of their own past and memories and drift along to an unkown future.

Intermarried or not. I think we know the answer.

Will I be calling for their eradication from the Earth? No. But I know the spiritual home of the materialist shit hole we inhabit.

I'm just waiting for the better half of the Jew's to show up and set things right.

In the end I think their is a little Jew in all of us. The Jew and the various hangers on will become irrelivant when each individual Goyim simply refuses to go along and stops the rot in their own backyard and takes up their cross and responsabilities in this world instead of watching sport.

I hate fucking sport more than i hate "Da Joooooze". Ever notice that those who call themselves "Jewish" could'nt care less about sport?
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