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Default Re: Who Owns The World ???

git wrote:
538428426 wrote:
We like this, energy for us comes from provoking you. We still will need an invitation though. We have no problem with being ignored. Our tricks are as old as time. We will come and go as we please. We like this place it is so filled with hate. As you know at the moment we have a legal right to this world. Will we have it we will enjoy it. Multiply what you said by approximately 4.5 billion and you will begin to understand what monsters we really are.
Are you demonic?
Now that would be telling. Let us say that we are just what these posters say we are. We have always seen that when most of you knock and the door is opened that you do not like what comes in. If so then why do you knock. When some of you compose your posts, do you not feel the energy that is released by your words. We do feel that energy and enjoy it. Our time maybe limited here so do you mind sharing that much. Most of your media is filled with the absurd occult. In your stories from the beginning of time you always win at the end. Never realizing what comes after the end. By the way you need to up the intensity of your rhetoric, it is fun then.
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