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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.

a doctor analyzes SATURN BOY (homo)
redrat: doctor welcome to club conspiracy, can you analyze a few sentences from a writer on this forum and come up with a diagnosis?
Dr: oh yes, it is what i do.
redrat: Ok, Saturn sems to use the word REDNECK alot in his writings, What is the significance of that? And he seems to project BRAZIL as a modern country of the 21st century, what is that all about?
Dr: well, lets take a look at the use of redneck, I see a obsessive disorder there in that most probably he was raped perhaps by a few men in the desert, as he said they were chasing him. And as for his proclaiming BRAZIL as COSMOPOLITAN, Well lets just say that that is a direct result of the rape.
redrat: I see and would you say that the experiences he has had leads to his obsessive lying and misleading facts about everything.
Dr: Oh yes, you see most FOREIGNERS are extremely jealous of American superiority, they live in TURD world countries as you say, and therefore almost always lie about their countries wealth and economies.
redrat: Ok, so what is the diagnosis?
Dr: I recommend Pschotropic drugs for his delusions, then some Group therapy along with probably some Electric Shock Traetment, followed by some RELAX time in the "HOSPITAL".
redrat: Yes, that sounds right doctor thank you for your time.
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