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Default Re: Mordechai Vanunu addressed Freemasons -founded Nuclear Free Future Award committee

Draken wrote:
Also check out Israel killed JFK,says Vanunu July 26, 2004
There's a book on LBJ, and how he knew that JFK was going to get hit. His mistress is said to have said that. LBJ knew Dallas thugs so he helped get the operation done there. LBJ stole every election he won, and was completely corrupt. Apparently the American public was shielded from his many flagrant exploits by the Press.

LBJ had no qualms about anything, no morals to speak of, and not a bright man either, certainly no mastermind of the JFK plot. The fact that he was Jewish, and not the first US president to be so had little to do with his reversing Kennedy's stand on Israel's nuclear aspirations. He would just do anything to be in power, so landed the role.
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