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Default Re: Question: is the economic status of the Third World mostly owing to the NWO?

freeman wrote:
The only ones that are putting up a fight are the Argentinians. Thay have stopped paying the interst because hey know that they are being robbed.
So how does that reconcile with the large parcels of land in Patagonia (largely in Argentina) currently being gobbled up by Jewish investors?
Are we missing something here? :-?
Why would Jews want to flee to a country no longer under their central banking financial control?

Argentina is a big country about the size of the whole of western europa i am sure they have greased many hands. An argentine friend of mine who is totaly aware as most argentines are, told me that the jews in argentina know they are being watched and any false step could trigger retalation. Remember the bombing of the israli embassy in buenos aires some years ago, well there where no muslim hands there.

The argentine have an organization called the AAA which means the arentininan anti comunist alliance plus a strong free conservative catholic suppport system that are staunchly anti liberal.
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