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Default Re: Question: is the economic status of the Third World mostly owing to the NWO?

Barbara wrote:
Freeman, with all the money in the world, do you really think that the Banksters are going to let a country like Argentina (or any other) "tweak" their noses by not paying them their usery?

The NWO dogs of war, otherwise known as the U.S. Military, now have basis in South America. Ask Chavez if you doubt.

The right man for the job of "rightly" governing Argentina is, no doubt, waiting in the wings for a nice tidy little coup to unseat the present ruler so the payments can once again start pouring in to the International treasure house.

Anybody on this forum, well, just about anybody could call the shots on this one. Urban Renewal, Regime Change 101. Surely, you could.

Those Jewish investors seem to have gotten some of that same advance notice of things to come that seems to be going around these days.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

eventhough i am anti communist and anti socialist i feal great that guys like chavez and fidel are around even though they are part of the other iluminati hand. because even in the heglian dialectics rouge men appear and make hell for the iluminati, think napoleon, hitler.
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