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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies

Overlord wrote:
Just a thought, I'm all for the general idea of conspiracy, but this crap
about Jews in specific is just too much.

Look, there is no way I can talk any of you guys into changing your
mind but just think about this:

The ten richest people in the world:

William H Gates III
Warren E Buffett
Karl & Theo Albrecht
Paul G Allen
Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud
Lawrence J Ellison
Alice L Walton
Helen R Walton
Jim C Walton
John T Walton

Amount of executives in AOL Time Warner: 24
Among them FIVE are of Jewish descent.
Amount of executives in Gannet: 34
Among them THREE are of Jewish descent.

In the US, 6% of all banking and Brokering officers of the largest firms are of Jewish descent.

At Morgan Stanley 2 out of 23 executives are of Jewish descent.

At Citibank 5 out of 54 are of Jewish descent.
At NY stock Exchange four out of 32 are of Jewish descent.

You also have to take into account that the Jewish population of the US mainly lie in the major cities,
making the population of, for instance New York: 18%. Thus there is a great UNDERREPRESENTATION
if you count inhabitation in the city itself as a ground for employment.

In my opinion, the tobacco-industry which is founded exclusively by white christians, are responsible for so much death and suffering
that I am inclined to accuse my own religion and color of terrible misdoings (if I were to follow the reasoning that a belief and origin is enough cause for untrustworthiness).
The Jew is not the problem, the human is the problem. We have a solution. Watch for it.
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