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Default Re: Official Auschwitz figures

Sounds like a lot of revisionist fantasies to me, sir Draken.

You might not be so familiar with Russian history (I suggest reading several very prominent historians of Muscovite thought - Nina Borisovna Golikova, Aleksandr Panchenko, A. P. Bogdanov, or perhaps Sergei Vladimirovich Bakhrushin, for instance, but there are others..) or perhaps you consider the concept of "punishable slander" to be acceptable in a benign state. This was well recorded in still existing documents all over Russia and over the ages, well before the 17th century. Where a citizen was accused of slandering the Tsar, he was forced to, in court, repeat the slander, then promptly have his tongoue cut off and exiled to Siberia. In some rare cases execution was meted out. Perhaps this is considered benign, but I would argue differently. At the same time denizens of Tsarist Russia hallowed not the individual but the position of Tsar, just like in Japanese civilization.

Civilizations contain upheaval you see, also the christian religion is responsible for the "evil overturn" of Rome, as some would have it, the destruction of that beautiful creation of cultural macdonaldification, terror and war. In my opinion christianity is no better than any other revolutionary force, whatever we call them.

If one loves and adores the pomp and circumstance that is fascistic rule (which in essence is what Monarky is) then one will surely find literature supporting that view. It is incorrect but nevertheless, it is there.

But does it really make sense to any sane person that someone is BORN to rule? The mere thought is absurd. And we can see it happen everywhere today. Surely that is the reasoning behind the empowerement of G.W.Bush and similar incompetent gunworshipping loonies, hellbent on saving the sacred capital punishment and handing over the destruction of our environment to raving oilcompanies.
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