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Default Re: Who Owns The World ???

Jimbo wrote:
An Illuminati Primer - :-o :-o :-o

So, Who Owns The World ???

<img src="" width=380 height=260>

An Illuminati Primer


Final Warning: A History Of The New World Order
"The term "New World Order" was actually first used many years ago. Adolf Hitler said: "National Socialism will use its own revolution for the establishing of a new world order."

Beating The New World Order
Jimbo heed the words of your friend ignore us as you and your kind have never been able to do. We want no answers from you for you have no answers. Look around. Look at your children. Look at what you think is your world. Look at the ridiculous posters who are sure that they have a grip on reality. You know the truth, you are confined to a small space a very small space and you will always be confined there. This picture you posted did we make you do that. We do not have to. Religion a made up security blanket for a pathetic group of hate filled creatures. You have no idea of your history or of your worlds history. Confusion reigns and you same in one day that your plight is the result of chaos, a chaos that you try to quantify. Yes ignore what we say this is the solution this will make us run away. Hold your breath.
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