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Default Re: Question: is the economic status of the Third World mostly owing to the NWO?

eventhough i am anti communist and anti socialist i feal great that guys like chavez and fidel are around even though they are part of the other iluminati hand. because even in the heglian dialectics rouge men appear and make hell for the iluminati, think napoleon, hitler.
Their is a place for socialism in more "peasant" societies. In the end Chavez is simply looking out for his people while voicing a little socialist rhetoric.

I take it the average well motivated Venezualen can still become rich if they desire fact it is more gauranteed with Chavez's land reforms and wealth distribution. In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, he is in fact facilitating economic growth and prosperity by enabling buying power to dwell in the hands of people who want to spend and not hoard it in offshore bank accounts.

The so called "capitalism" that has wreaked havoc in Central and South America has NOTHING to do with the tenants of capitalism. It is COMMUNISM for the rich! Where centralized power, be it private or public, keep wealth and power in their hands. It is more aptly described as "organized crime" principals, or "Soprano Economics" as Thomas Barnett calls it.
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