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Default Re: Codex Magica (Texe Marrs), Is it worth buying?

epanyblaze wrote:
I finally received Codex Magica last week, and I pretty much couldn't put it down. There is so much in there--I know I will be using it a lot as a reference. Whether or not you agree with Texe's Christian beliefs, you can't really argue with pictures. And the book contains a LOT of pictures, including historical origins and current examples of different hand signs, symbols, etc. The book makes a pretty strong case that something is going on amongst our erstwhile "leaders" and "role models" with a lot of documentation, background, and graphic examples.

I have read many of Texe's books. I felt that this one did a good job of presenting and supporting his position in a factual manner without being preachy. Obviously his writing comes from his deeply held convictions, and, as such, is strongly influenced by those convictions, but he understands and acknowledges that not all of his readers will share his belief system.
Welcome epanyblaze

Does Mr. Marrs discuss Chironomia in his book and its ancient meanings. These hand signs are used in the open by politicians on many occasions. They seem not to care. It makes me wonder if they know what they mean.
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