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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

The fascistic idea that people deserve what they have been born into is a medieval and, franctly, untalented ideology.
You do love that term "fascism".

I was wondering..would Stalin eat his young? How about Mao? Or....hmmmm, lets see, Pol Pot? How about Idi Amin? How about the Russian Oligarchs? Would Putin eat his young?

You know, Adolph (the poster boy of hate) did more things for "his young" than ANYONE had done EVER. Full employment, holidays and fantastic work conditions. He brought pride back into a crumbling Western Europe on the brink of internal collapse with Stalins 30,000 armoured vehicles poised to invade in the summer of 1942.

As for these "poor and oppressed" French immigrants. Lets see now...first France kindly lets them in - in the first place. Houses them and provides them with unemployemnt payments and ALSO free medical. Now it AINT Norway but it sure as shit aint central Morrocco.

In return, the poor and oppressed "native slave labourers" (dressed in $500 worth of "street wear") RIOT against the evil French FASCIST, nasty, young eating, sharp teeth nashing devourers of worlds to gain their freedom from the enslaver. What freakin shit.

Send 'em ALL back. The white man can stop interfering and we can admire each others culture from afar.

Imagine letting a guest into your house and the thanks you get is what transpired.

Strangely, i like the multicultural aspects of Oz. I am smart enough to know however that in the end only communities bound by common culture and values survive. Apparently I am a rabid Nazi for having this view as are others. That is the power of brainwashing via the multi billion dollar P.R and media companies.

A people cut off from their past and traditions by dilution are FINISHED! Just ask the Aboriginal people of Australia.

The ABSOLOUTE central core of the Globalist agenda is the seperation of people from each other by cutting them from common roots. It is absoloutly central to their plan and reaches into ALL facets of what binds a community together and makes it strong so it can resist outside pressure.

What does the man say to "Winston" in 1984 as he is torturing him? "We will seperate a man from his past and then blow his brains out and sweep him into the stratosphere via our furnace and it will be as if you never existed". [paraphrasing].

I will take GOOSE STEPPING FASCISM OVER THE SHIT OF THE LIMP WRISTED LEFT ANYDAY. Cry yourself silly all the way to extinction.
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