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Default Re: I hope Lynn stays


I believe Lynn is a con and full of ca-ca. That's my opinion. I also believes she has sucked up to a few members making all the right noises and keeps sending PM's to some, even after she has been requested to stop.

I don't like the cow. She gives me a bad vibe. Full stop.

I tried to offer many olive branches after we had our little tete a tete and she wasn't hearing it. You can read back through her postings to see if I am telling the truth. Don't take my word on it.

I recognize the kind of person she is; whether anyone else does or not, I really don't care. That's the beauty of being an individual. Supposedly, we are all intitled to our opinions. I will not type politically correct here for anyone.

Sorry. NOT!

I'm here to speak my mind and share my thoughts and most importantly - learn from others. There is nothing an arse can teach me accept how to stear clear of the impending shit that follows.

I don't like her brand of religion and I don't like her constant judgements and the way she turns decent conversation into religious bullshit.

That's my opinion. You asked.

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