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Default Amazing Alchemy Gallery and Rennes Photos

Absolutely, amazing alchemy gallery.

Some photos from the Church of Mary Magdeline at Rennes le Chateau (Holy Blood/Holy Grail, Da Vinci Code, etc.)

The picture is of the demon Asmodeus, Builder of Solomon's temple. The stations of the cross are blasphemous here, a Scotsman in kilt watches the crucifixion. Henry Lincoln in his book The Holy Place discovers the geometric foundations upon which the Rennes le Chateau area was based.

Dan Brown is coming out with a book based on the Masonic Geometry and Foundations of Washington, D.C. called the Solomon Key to be released in 2006.

Substantive site about the Ouroborus in different cultures and in history. The ouroborus is associated with alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism.

Article on Hermetic


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