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Default Re: I hope Lynn stays

"A method of control distinguished by urbane, smooth, courteous, refined and other agreeable mannerisms of social intercourse...
An obsession with polite or correct public language is a sign that communication is in decline. It means that the process and exercise of power have replaced debate as a public value...
The citizens job is to be rude - to peirce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt. Politics, philosophy, writing, the arts - none of these, and certainly not science and economics, can serve the common weal if they are swathed in politeness. In everything which affects public affairs, breeding is for fools."

John Raulston Saul: The Doubters Companion; A Dictionary Of Aggressive Common Sense. p.237

A far quicker and more efficient name for this phenomenom is as Mary

BTW...have no personal opinion of Lynne or the current debate.

I'm just posting for attention and practising my referencing in case I go back to Uni.
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