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Default My Favorite Books/Videos, etc

First and always - The Bible

Hi everbody, my personal favorites are books by Philip K Dick, of course Orwell's 1984, the essential David Icke - chock full of information, even though I am a Christian I still find this very informative. The book The Sociopath Next Door. Movies: The Manchurian Candidate, Constantine, Bladerunner - (loved the owl and the unicorn made of foil in the rain) I bought Steve Jacksons Illuminati NWO Card Set:

after seeing a site which spoke about the cards with the Towers and the Pentagon - these existed long before 9/11. Two links about the "cards".

I guess Plato's Repulic and Nietzche, Machievelli's The Prince, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

William Gibson, Virtual Light; Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon ; Caitlin Kiernan Murder of Angels and Kage Baker, The Life of the World to Come are books I am reading now. A friend gave me a copy of Ayn Rand's Anthem - said it was good.

Robert Anton Wilson. Holy Blood Holy Grail and Mesianic Legacy - insightful. Were they trying to present that child as some decoy Antichrist figure? Anybody read Antichrist and a Cup of Tea. I would like to get that book. Disturbing that Prince Charles announced on CNN in 1996 that he and his sons had received the microchip - I believe he was the first to announce this.

If you want to get your blood pressure up The Pentagon's New Map.

Also, Eyes Wide Shut - Wow!!

Just saw The Constant Gardener. It was pretty good.

Books I'm reading now:

Neuromancer, William Gibson

The Golden Transcendence, John C. Wright

(nonfiction) The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil

Singularity Sky, Charles Stross

Spin State, Chris Moriarty

* * *

Matrix 101 site, significance of the Merovingian @

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