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Default Re: My Favorite Books/Videos, etc

Matrix 101 site, significance of the Merovingian
The second and third in the series were terrible from ALL pionts.

The brothers NEVER intended more than the first as is clear. There was nothing left to say after the first. It ended perfectly.

The second and third (unlike Star Wars Trilogy) were tacked on in the simple quest to make money and possibly to nullify the power of the first. There was ZERO flow and I found them painful to watch.

IMHO I urge you to dismiss them as simple money makers and a nullifacation of the first. After all, there is peace between the machines and humans, for a time. In real life their is only freedom from the tyranny of the Globalist Machine or litteral death.

Their is SO much New Age stuff in the second and third I wanted to puke. Kudos to the new Brothers Grimm for tacking in EVERY myth and fairytale they could think of outta a "Carl Jung archetypal writing course" and a "Joseph Campbell lecture". It gives hope to the rest of us script writer wannabe's. Of course we dont mix with the rulers of Hollywood so maybe our chances are slim.

Star Wars continues to be the classic remake of the hero myth and will probably not be done better.

George Lucas is a member of the American Jungian Society and knows EXACTLY what is going on.
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