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Default Re: The United States of Zion (Israel)

We're to believe Jewish "survivors" simply don't lie.
The list is so long as to take a few pages.

We had one recently in Oz. This guy claimed he was in Awshwitz as a child. Showed his tatoo and wrote a book. The Jewish publisher was interviewed before the evidence to show he was a fraud. She was crying, singing it's praises. Then she is shown that the guy is a freakin CATHOLIC brought up in rural New South Wales. She did'nt flinch. Simply stated that it was still a moving book based on real life events that happened to people during the time.

It was so pathetic to watch. Who else could possibly get away with this?

The T.V current affairs show who did the expose was the highly respected "7.30 Report". Hosted by Kerry O'Brian. Our version of Jim Leherer but with balls.
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