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Default Re: My Favorite Books/Videos, etc

What facinated me about the Matrix series was the symbolism and technology as it relates to NWO future.
I dont see it.

"1984", "Brave New World", "Logans Run", "Equilibrium" would be better.

I found the second and third Matrix directed SQUARELY at the youth, with the intent to confuse and twist the original clear message of the first.

People get so fascinated by it they forget what to do about it.

They remind me of "Saving Private Ryan" by the Spinbergmeister. Supposedly anti-war while actually promoting war.

The classic anti-war movie is "All Quiet On The Western Front". If you dont feel depressed after an anti-war movie then you hav'nt watched one.

If you ar'nt clear who the enemy is after a supposed anti-establishment movie then it is'nt an anti-establishment movie.

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