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Default Re: The Militarization Of America & The Posse Comitatus Act

Iraq, Training Ground For "Urban Combat" ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Agreed, in that their “accomplishments,” (even if obviously not ours) are chosen is such a manner as to produce multiple purposes. The Iraqi war is an example of such a “multi-orgasmic” session. The fact that Iraq is a training ground for what is now labeled “Urban Combat” is obvious. The fact that they celebrated their “Mission Accomplished,” w/ a very expensive boat party, shows that their primary objective, that of “outing Saddam Hussein” was indeed accomplished, regardless of all the other unplanned failures. They have not been able to completely subjugate their “people or their core culture,” but they were also somewhat successful in destroying a great part of their cultural symbols, artifacts, economy, & life sustaining infrastructure. That country has been “raped” & “destroyed” beyond any immediate repair. The fact that they wanted to free their people is not so obvious, as to the fact that they are trying very strongly to force them to convert politically to a “neo-democracy”. Obviously a “true democracy,” as experienced first hand here in America, is a thing of the past, at least for the near future. All the words used today & flashed on the TV screens are a complete opposite to what they “truly stand for,” in both the meanings of the words themselves & their actions. The “lie” is bigger than “true reality” & the “illusion” is overwhelming, specially for anyone in possession of a normal psyche.

Another interesting fact is that right after 911, England engraved a bell commemorating the event, as a seal linking both nations. I have a picture I downloaded from the Internet & from what can be seen it reads,

" "
"FIXED IN ADVERSITY - 11 SEPTEMBER" followed by what looks like “2001”

At times I have tried looking for articles written on the subject but I’ve not been successful. Do you have any information about this “symbol,” it’s purpose & what it represents?

I think that every time a catastrophic event takes place in our societies that advances the agenda of the NWO, they leave behind symbols by which they can remember, & thus “secretly” commemorate the event & the advancement towards their “greater goal” – that of “World Dominion.”

I find the following link informative, concise, & it definitely shows the reader how there has been a “timeline,” expanding over a few hundred years, to the events connecting the “controllers of the world” to the NWO agenda.

Beating The New World Order

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