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Default Re: Official Auschwitz figures

The person with the Yoda-sign is very quick on the trigger. It is frightening indeed.

I got the distinct impression that there was a disturbance in the force on this site and now it has been revealed.

When an individual commences an outburst about wit and mental prowess, it is indeed a taunt that must be ignored.

That this individual is unaware of the historical discussions around fascism, monarchy, religion and similar delusions of old civilizations does not mean that I personally presume to forehold the stupid and meaningless term "globalization" as some kind of utopian method of world-solution. I don't.

Capitalism and Liberalism are also failed and miserable systems, this we know by theory and practical experiment.

STOP your assumtion that you have an enemy. I am NOTHING of what you accuse me of. Your anger is just going to make you angrier.

Also, I think this kind of language we're using is extremely childish. It is used only by individuals that are feeling unseen and unheard.
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