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Default Re: F----K China... shop for American goods.


All I know about you is that you are an idiot.

It doesn't matter if you are an ignorant crack junkie black, a white trash without teeth from Phoenix, an alcoholic native-american who lives on dole or a Mexican illegal. I'm not racist, I think morons come in any color.

You started attacking Brazil (and now Canada) without any reason. Stick a saguaro in your ass.

Yes, as a matter of fact I think I am smarter than you are. In fact, anyone in this forum is, and you are not adding anything here. This is a place for intelligent discussion. Behave or get out.

And idiot, in Brazil we speak Portuguese, so stop trying to impress me with your Spanish. You are so ignorant that, even when you try to look smart, you make a basic mistake and end up looking dumb.

Now behave and go back to Jerry Springer.

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