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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

you base all your ideas on hate, I'm afraid.
What a TYPICAL Lefty brainwashed sook response to a detailed reply he CANNOT respond to. I dont hate anyone. That is your internal defence mechanism at work attempting to push aside a threat to your well coifed world view.

I am well liked by one and all where ever I go. I actually like seeing and tasting the different cultural aspects of the world. However, I am a seperatist at heart. People have the RIGHT to demand that new arrivals submit to the culture of the place! The Aboriginals could not resist the take over. We can. Multiculturalism (note the 'ism') is not some 'natural' mechanism at work, it is a DELIBERATE tool of the Globalists to break us down and tear us apart and there is NOW, thank God, a backlash against it!

When my sister lived in Malaysia for a year did she DEMAND the Malay's BOW to her cultural whims? Of course not! She did everything to fit in out of respect. And WE are supposed to not demand this? That is SO ridiculous! You are a "self loathing white man". It is not ALWAYS cool to take underdog status or even identify with the under dog. The truth is ALL that matters.

You say the details matter but NOT the big picture. Both are relevant. I will never countenance violence against another human minding his own business but if youre going to disrespect the land that gave you sanctury (with all it's faults) then dont be surprised when the locals get pissed. How would we fair in Algeria under the same circumstances? Think about it.

I am afraid of people like you..
Why? Will 'we' eat your babies? How fucking ridiculous you idiot. You know their is a trait in those of the "Left". They see threatening violence everywhere but in their own souls. They project all their hate onto others who are not 'infinately tolerant' and weeping over the injustice of it all every 5 minutes. Yet, when the revoloution comes it is the "brotherhood" of man that lets the thin veneer of civilization slip so easily and descends into animal instincts levels not even attained by the worst excess's of the so called "Right".

Adolf H might have created a much more affluent life for some of his countrymen, but the cost was hate towards so many weaker groups all around the world.

Gay, Jewish, dark-skinned, Gypsy, artistic, etc...
No, Germans did'nt prosper because Jews, Gypsies etc... went to labour camps. They prospered because Hitler created the social and economic conditions that benefitted his people. Again! Think clearly! How does locking up Liberal artist put food on the table?

Context. Europe was in chaos. Hitler himself had just seen 4 years of death and filth. Germany had suffered horrendously both during and after the war. Stalin was being supplied hand over foot with ALL the infrastructure required for war and the Communist manifesto was quite clear...Western European culture was to fall. Ended! Forever!

Stalin had amassed 30,000 armoured vehicles. What were they for? Touring? The archives show clearly Stalin was poised to invade in the summer of 1942. Hitler had to strike immediately.

Yes, Hitler HATED the expressionist art of the time. Hitler himself was an accomplished artist and culture lover.

This is who we would be sending to the camps today and I for one will drive the security van. No, in fact i'll simply dig the ditch and put the round through the neck...

This is what WONDERFUL "do whatever you want" culture has done to the U.S. The OPEN worship of gang violence and drug dealing into the mainstream.

There are times to be tolerant and forgiving and there are times to pull out the base ball bat and set things straight. For you there are NO boundaries. For Hitler, while 2 Thousand years of European culture were threatened, their would be order. For that, the occult Globalist agenda brough the world against him and to this day he is vilified as the incarnation of absoloute evil.

He was NO angel and neither was he the devil.

Under the rule of such a regime, there was no tolerance for protest or dissent. No more websites like this.
Quite right. Under the same circumstances their would be no need to ban it. I'd be volunteering for the front and not available. Or are you saying that Soviet Russia was a threat to no one?

Also, stop portraying Bush as "fascist". He is a Globalist patsy for one, and the neo-con movement is a reincarnated Bolshevik 5th column group who's job it is to finally tear the U.S into civil war from where Banker tyranny can take root fully fledged.

True "fascists" look after their people.
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