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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start


Yes multiculturalism stink big time. In oz as far as i know its mostly korean, japanese, and chinese these are very industrious people who while holding to there custums adopt the new one and live comfortably in both. but the same cannot be said for the desert dwellers they want to bring tyhe desert and camels wwith them. they thrive in their ignorance.

These are the new barbarians but unlike our ancestors these don't grow with knowlege they totaly ignore it or use it against us.

So i truly belive that europe must expell all those trouble makers an that goes for the "usa" and to any european country.

Have you ever heard of the iceland/haiti analogy?

Which of the two islands had the greatest potencial for development and richness?

which of the two islands presented more of a challange to live and prosper?

which of the 2 islands made it?

And i am not talking about race i am taking about culture. Western culter is the reflection of western man if the western man goes so will the culture.

it might not be a perfect culture but there are non, save the the far eastern orientals who come a distant close that can match up.
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