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igwt wrote:
The "Illuminati" sounds fantastic but it is NOT a chimera.
Which group are you talking about?

I would presume it is the latest version, the Bravarian lot? Who are defunk.

igwt wrote:
Hidden within Freemasonry, it is the Church of Satan.
I believe I covered this particular bit, and I feel it really unnecessary to comment again as the most naive researcher, I mean even Icke, knows and quotes the fact that Weishaupt's Illuminati "INFILTRATED" Freemasonry, and only in Germany and France.

Some info that I am sure you keen researchers are aware of, and know already but simple choose to ignore.

1st May 1776, with the financial support of the House of Rothschild, Weishaupt founded a German expression of Illuminism, not the original, not a new group, but a borrowed ideal from the Roshaniya, The Illuminated men of Afghanistan.

The original inner council was structured around the pentagraman consisted of five men: Weishaupt’s friend, Kölmer,
Sir Francis Dashwood (of the satanic Hellfire Club),
Alphonse Donatién de Sade (from whom derives the word “sadism”),
Meyer Amschel Rothschild (founder of the powerful banking house)
Weishaupt himself.

It was Weishaupts wing of Illuminati that infilitrated (I use the same word as the well known conspiracists of Icke, Jones etc, notice it's not in joint effort, known by, or anything that denotes a joint venture) the Freemason lodges of Germany and France to expand and increase his Illuminati membership numbers.

Baron Adolf von Knigge joined Weishaupt in 1782 , he was a Mason of considerable standing in his area, and helped infiltrate (theres that word again) European Masonry for anti-Christian, anti-monarchial, anti-social and pro-revolutionary ends. von Knigge is said to have sided with the Illuminati of Weishaupt because he felt Freemasonry was weak not to stand against the Church and did not follow his own viewpoints on politics and religion.

igwt wrote:
Its membership was known; its premises were raided. Plans and correspondence were seized and published. Defectors attested to the grave danger at formal inquiries.
I a glad you bring that up.

The first "leak" as it were of the Illuminati plan, and what prevented Freemasonry from being a pawn in its plan was the, shall we say "divine" intervention of a lightning bolt, striking an Illuminised courier.

Had dare I say God, or nature, not intervened, all Europe might well have gone the way of France (not world, just France) and the then coming “Terror.”

Weishaupt’s infiltration of Masonry might have been successful had the courier not been blown off his horse 1785, and we may of been singing off the same hymn sheet.

The courier was carrying papers written in the cipher of Illuminism, and dealt with, noe this is the important bit DO NOT SKIP the plans of the Illuminati to subvert the Masons and the governments of Europe. (again these are not the descriptions of organisations working together, or infact of one being knowledgeable of the actions of the other)

The Illuminati were obliged to go underground; yet still greatly influenced the Grand Orient Lodge and the occult rites of Memphis and Mizraim (Egyptian Freemasonry) Which is not recognised, highly frowned upon and what cause the United Grand Lodge of England and most other GL of the world not to "recognise" (not to affiliate with, be friends with, coerce with or discuss things with) The Grand Orient of France, the only part of Freemasonry, ever effected by Weishaupts merry bunch of misfits, and is no longer apart of Freemasonry, the global organisation you all enjoy to make claims against.
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