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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

Okay, say I just joined an organization, that WAS a secret society. I knew this. That it was SECRET. And, that there was knowledge that wasn't going to be revealed to me unless I passed someone's test/eye-balling, whatever, to be promoted. DING, DING, DING... Stop right there! And, I couldn't devulge names of others in the organization.

I would say to myself, self I think you are involved in something NEFARIOUS!! Simply a no-brainer.

Isn't it extremely arrogant for any Freemason unless they are sitting up there on the pinnacle to be saying ANYTHING!!! They don't know, they know they don't know. Isn't it indicative of their milieu? Of course it is.

Bottom line, from Templer Society they came - with their pillaged money - to me they are simply pirates, greedy, usurping pigs, indeed.

I'm so sure Freemasonry is simply THE RAGE in the UK. That's the hub of it all isn't it?
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