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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

truebeliever wrote:
My dear, dear BONDI. Here is the problem and here is where I sincerely doubt your "sincerity".
Inaccuacies have nothing to do with sincerity, just illinformed.

truebeliever wrote:
A "priest", cannot, by definition, be a "Christian" and a "Mason". It is philosophically and ethically impossible.
Should I of said Catholic?

truebeliever wrote:
The Masonic order worships at ALL levels the "intellect" and the "impersonal" patterns of nature. Thats Masonry at it's best. At it's worst it's outright Satanic.
Freemasonry doesn't worship at any level.

It uses the tools of masonry as imagery to represent moral behaviour.

truebeliever wrote:
ROFL. Please, stop. Just who the hell do you think you're exchanging posts with? 15 year old Ickian supporters?
No mention of lizards, so definitely not Ickians.

From some of the posters I would hazard that fifteen would be a good guess at age.

As for dealing, I am not dealing with anyone, merely responding to anonymous posters who believe they know a secret.

If your comments regarding exchanging posts is meant as you personally, I quite enjoy your posts. Some are quite good to read, others are humourous so there is a good mix, but as with most you do occassional stupe low, and the manner of your comment would seem you feel superior, almost elitist :lol:
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