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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

truebeliever wrote:
Dont think i am always out for a fight BONDI. I am actually an extremely friendly person in "person". But the stakes are high and I dont have the time nor (at the moment) the energy to beat around the bush.
I fear in your rush you are missing alot of information that would at a slower speed might aid you in your quest.

Freemasonry and religion are on two completely different plains as organisations. Their purpose are different, the destination alternate but they both incorporate analogy, symbology and fables to teach their lessons, which are also different.

Religion teaches you the way to salvation, by which ever means your faith states it has to be. Religion dictates the results at the end of your life and all the lessons and goals are for the day of judgement.

Freemasonry guides you on a moral basis, no salvation, no messiah, no prophecy. All the lessons in Freemasonry, you will find in the pages of your books, your scriptures etc Freemasonry teaches nothing new, it is the method of tuition that attracts the members that is all.

It is all about being a good person, honest, upright and of high morals, all are taught in your churches so the subject isn't the problem.

The method of teaching is the same as your church, it is only the story or the play that differs, and the reason it differs is because it doesn't teach through faith, but by mere symbols and analogies, it hides them to encourage further thought, but they are only lessons of morality, and any masons who tells you different is seeing what he wants to see, and nothing more.

truebeliever wrote:
I know EXACTLY what Masonry is about in both it's relatively benign and at times interesting forms,
Even if you knew the basics you would never of started this Thread
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