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Default Re: Yes, Bondi I do have a question

623542643468 wrote:
We are to stupid to find a definitive answer there, so would you be kind enough to answer yes or no to this specific question. Is the eye within the pyramid a Masonic symbol or not.
Understatement I guess.

I presume you mean eye within a triangle, as that is the symbol in your post, they eye and pyramid is an invention of the design commitee of the US seal, which is not masonic as the article the Eye and the Pyramid explains.

The eye within a triangle is a Christian symbol denoting the all seeing eye of god from within the trinity and in its earliest known form can be found in Churches throughout England and Greece

The all seeing eye on it's own is used by numerous sects to represent their diety, and to represent it as all seeing.

The use of the triangle is used by trinitarian orders only as it represents the trinity.

The all seeing eye has sometimes been suggested as a developement from the circle with a triangle, used by Christianity as a symbol representing the eternity of the trinity and the circle was evolved into the eye when Christianity incorporate other faith and sect imagery to ease the conversion, but that is only speculation and down to individual interpretation.

Many masonic lodges in Christian areas incorporate Christian symbology, in fact Freemasonry is made up predominantly of symbols used by Christianity. It is also specualted that this is so because when Freemasonry became speculative and organised the predominant, and if honest the only faith, of the time was Christianity and all masons were orginally Christian.

It is only since the acceptance of all faiths that the church has had an un-united opinion on the fraternity.
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