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Default Re: Maybe something we can agree on

this wrote:
I'll cross the moat.

Labels are confusing, even to those who consider themselves enlightened. How is a 'freemason' ever to be objective about his club?
If you wish to discuss the problems within Freemasonry, you will find no bigger critic than that of a Freemason, trust me, I give the "brethren" a harder time than anyone else.

Unfortunately as you get anti-masons peddling useless and counter productive comments you also get the Freemason who tries t play up the fraternity into some it isn't, which doesn't help either.

Freemasonry is an organisation like any other, it has it's downfalls like any other. And like any other it is normally the members who don't get the idea that are the reason.

this wrote:
There are ways of looking at the world and it's failings and you see patterns of criminality. Label these observances what you will, or claim that your label is not in any way responsible. But the criminality remains.
Read some of my other posts, I am the first to admit that Freemasonry has had its less than desirable members, but you also have to acknowledge that Freemasonry does not stand alone in this. Every group has had it's black sheep from the local school governors all the way up.

Why does Freemasonry only get the "label" though?
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