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Default Re: Maybe something we can agree on

This is exactly correct and an important point. The real distractors on this site do not want this considered.
Listen up fra_fuckstick aka 623542643468.

You whiny little bitch.

You are the "one line wonder". The King of the "gutter snipes". I caned you because i have ZERO. I repeat ZERO respect for sniping one line bitches!

I put it up their. I make the claims and more often than not I BACK IT UP. I am bold but I am humble when corrected.

I suggest you take your sniping, tail between your legs, sniping and shove it up your bipolar arse.

My Lord if i could get my hands on you i'd thrash the living daylights out of you. LITERALLY.

Their is NOTHING worse on a forum than a one line bitch like you.

Man up bitch. Put it up their bitch. Or shut your sniping bitch mouth.

Fcuk off to some other kiddie forum where you can discuss your Msonic based LOVE of numbers and patterns so usual for a messed up manic fool who should be in the locked up ward of his local institution.

I repeat bitch. Man up and make some claims other than your sniping, self centered, pious, i'm too good for this forum to "vigerously debate" shit one liners.

Is that clear bitch (coz thats literally what you are).

My aggressive tone will NEVER change when dealing with people like you. You have never confronted ANY power in your life cept via anonamous forum. I have looked it in the eye and given it shit. Gutless one line dogs like you make me sick.

In closing my post...

Have the guts to OPENLY and SUCCINCTLY debate the MANY points made on this forum. If you do not have the intellectual capacity to engage some of the posters here than you can simply leave.

It really is that simple.

Now the drug trolley calls and I suggest you ask for EXTRA Lithium.

Are we clear my little one line bitch?
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