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Default Re: Excerpt From Brice Taylor's Book

Freemasonry is a human organisation, and does not profess to be above the law.

It treats all humans as equal.
I'm sorry mate. You may well be a nice guy but you are making ridiculous statements about Masonry.

You are either lying or so far down the bottom rungs it's in the basement.

You're beloved Scottish/York Rite Masonry is powerful in Western Oz. It fills the ranks of the Judiciary (Purple Circle) and Police Service (including Knights Templar).

I know EXACTLY how they work. I know first hand of the corruption they wreak.

It's time you listened to the people here. You are either lying and a paid hack or are incredibly nieve.

I'm sorry if I offend you. Your "friends" in the higher levels are as corrupt as hell and the oaths of Masons are well known. You are defending the indefensible. I will have to avoid these threads as I find what you write incredibly nieve in the extreme. It is like watching someone defend their membership of the Italian Gentlemans Club by saying their are a few bad apples but they give generously to the local charities. Or maybe that the "Coffin Cheater" motorcycle gang are good because they give money to childrens hospitals and collect furry toys for kids. Mate, you are SO blind it's scary.

Get out and stand alone, with your local community where you live. Join a PTA or something and do something useful.

All the best.
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