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Default Re: Evil Christian white tobacco-companies

Evil companies, what a novel concept. Perhaps I have a small advantage here. Perhaps the thick tar that coats my lungs prevents the nano-particle depleted uranium dust from latching onto my lungs, maybe not. Here in America I am not supposed to have a cigarette but yet I have to live in a microwave saturated enviornment so some other idiots can talk to each other while paying over fifty dollars a month for the privledge.
Here in America I can ingest 3000 or more food additives including artificial sweeteners, which by the way always tasted at least to me like toxic pond scum. You really do know better. Trust your own basic instincts, the ultimate BS meter.
As far as Christian, have we changed that much?
Can I interest anyone in a crusade for the Holy Grail?
I like the list of rich assholes though. Hopefully a list of hunted men, God if the rest would only wake up. Damm, don't it suck being aware, sort of and having five beers?
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