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Default Re: French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

If there is an agent ass on this site it is your fat ass or is that just your mouth with a turd hanging out or could that be your brain.
Keep up the good work. Try to increase by one line at a time.
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I live in Western Australia. Do not try to tell me about my own country.

You have pulled out the usual "suspects".

Anyone who thinks "Communism" and the "Nationalist Fascism" of Germany is one and the same...well, that is simply too much work.

Mugabe has done his best in a very short time and his people are fleeing and dying at an alarming rate. That is what happens when a fascist leader is allowed to roam freely.
Mugabe, a "Fascist"? :-o You do realise the man came to power on the back of a Communist insurgency...dont you? He is a simple thug and typical Commie hack. Also, he was baited for ten years over the land issue by the freakin Poms who then tried to have him knocked off several times. Hit a dog and it tends to bite back.

You seem to love slogans, mr Truebeliever.
Huh? :-o I have no idea what you're on about.

The reason I say "I'm afraid of you", is because I meet people like you every day, men and women who already have decided who their opponent is and calls everybody by the same name, refusing to see the distinct individuality in every meeting. I have nothing to give you then, and what I write is not for you.
WTF are you talking about? Did you read my post? I made it quite clear. It is NOT about race it is about VALUES. Share my values or fuck off. Dont try to make me "assimilate" YOUR culture and I promise NOT to make you assimilate mine. Come, come to Australia but realise it's history and for fucks sake realise YOU are in MY country. It's really freakin simple. Lord have mercy!!!!

Would I go to an African state and start to demand that MY cultural needs are met? I mean i would'nt even think of it. Yet I, am expected to bow down and TOLERATE all and sundry. I dont want to have to read a fucking encyclopaedia so I make sure I am respoecting the "cultures" of every Tom, Dick and Harry that makes it here in a leaky wooden boat. Is that clear! I mean I cant make it ANY clearer.

Do you realise there are hundreds of ethnic cultures here in Oz? I get on with everyone. Do you think i'm wearing Jackboots and a black cap while typing? Talk about "slogans" and "stereotyping". You of the stupid Left are so freakin blind to your own shadows you see what you refuse to ackowledge in yourselves EVERWHERE. ANYONE who wants to simply cling to their own cultures and traditions is labelled a fucking Nazi! It's SO bizzarre as to warrent an in depth $250,000 taxpayer funded study.

Nothing! With anger and violence you just destroy and destroy and then there is... NOTHING!
So who exactly are YOU talking too? Mate, get therapy or perhaps get one of THUMPERS cute Fluffy Puppies. Stroke it regularly and you will find unconditional acceptance right their. You will not get it from me.

This site is FILLED TO THE BRIM with well docuemnted and well researched posts. READ THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People have to get their BASIC definitions right. I am sick of teaching primary school.
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