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My opinions are on the threads you see before you.

You have not answered a SINGLE point in ANY of my posts. Not ONE!

Not One!

Not one!

I have given you point after point after point after point in quotes.

Answer them!

On another note...You want names of local scum?

How about Lord McAlpine. Formner Thatcher Minister and long time peadophile and on the streets responsible for the occult murder of 3 young women in the Perth suburb of Clarement. Knights Templar and Mason member.

INUMERABLE British citizens of the U.K Elite who are in the top positions of mining and banking in this state and over seas. They dine at the "Western Australia Club" which is the informal meeting place of the Masonic Elite in this town and just down the road from Parliament House.

The Coffin Cheater motorcycle gang is the muscle for several Masonic members who reside in the brokerage house of Hartleys, Montagu Stockbrokers, Goldman Sachs JBWere. They do favours like hookers and drugs in exchange for financial services.

The Club Dero's motor cycle gang here are strongly affiliated with the Jewish mafia outta Melbourne and one "Diamond" Joe Gudnic. Zionist extremist and financiere of settlements in the occupied territories. You should be bowing as he passes idiot.

Kerry Packer (Australia's richest man). At least strongly affiliated if not a paid up member. He was importing hundreds of kilos of smack through the top end of Oz via his cattle stations. The National Crime Authority code named him "Goanna"...if you saw a pic you would know why.

That is just a taste.

Dont ever insult me again.

My no is no! And my yes is yes!

You fucking weak as piss Masonic lackey. I laughed at you idiots for years. In fact your masters laugh at you too. Actually, i take that back. They dont even care. They have a planet to run.

Unlike you, many here do not require membership of an "exclusive" club to feel their ego's are somehow validated. You stated here that you are NOT invited into Freemasonic Lodges but have to "ask". That should have told me from the beginning that you were a nobody or at most decorative theater. You do not ask, you are invited.

Your club is at it's heart evil. It is not the only organised crime branch sucking off the misery of millions. I consider ANY corporation or individual unable to stand alone and "think" in the best interests of the WHOLE community a danger to us all.

Though you may be a pleb, Masonry and the Round Table groups and the spin offs such the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers are the "splinters" that are slowly being expelled from the collective body. Soon too, the deep philosophical base of these esoteric cults and the "practical power appliers" (Round Table Groups) will be exposed for what they are. Babylon is far away in time and from here in place, but the sons and daughters of this filth still live on though the average sport loving fool has no idea.

The internet, the "shit, upon shit" as you call it has seen to that. The "shit upon shit" that has exposed the Bolshevik Neo-con movement and it's plans for Imperial Mobilization. The "shit upon shit" that exposed the lies for war over 2 years ago and even well before that. The "shit upon shit" which is pulling away VAST numbers of people from the Lame Stream lying dog media. The "shit upon shit" which empowers people from all over the world and is the SOURCE for EVERY ground breaking "hot", "undercover", "prize winning" mainstream journalistic "scoop" and is NEVER accredited by these fuckers.

Yeh, the "shit upon shit" that you are currently on. The printing press of the 1600's that is unravelling the Globalist agenda like a cheap Chinese pullover.

You can take your white bread shit from the mainstream. Myself and many others prefer to sift for gold on the margins. For you, when your world view is challenged your ONLY reply is "shit upon shit".

You know little to nothing of how the world operates and who is doing it. What do I expect from a lame brain lackey who pulls one leg of his pants up like a fucking fag at a group Meth orgy.

You make me sick.
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