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Default Re: French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

Hey all.

Hey TB I agree with you, Man if people are getting abusive it must mean your rustling some feathers and as such getting close to the truth.
Many have closed minds and will attempt to destroy and ridicule those pointing towards alternate ideas instead of debating them.

Multiculturalism IS a social engineering exercise that proposes that people migrating to a nation/culture does NOT integrate but instead keeps its own culture/values/language.
It is clear to anyone what the effect of this policy has been on particularily western nations/cultures.
It is also becoming clearer the motives of those who sought to impliment this policy and their desired outcomes.
Multiculturalism is clearly and by its very nature devisive and I belive its ultimate purpose is to dilute and weaken western/white or whatever you wish to call it cultures and every day that goes by it is becoming selfevident even to the closed minded masses that this is the case.

Someone compared the west bank to paris, how multicultural is the west bank?
Fascism is very different to Communism although I guess whoever said it was getting at the end result was the same, I disagree if this was the intention I belive Communism was/is far more catastrophic.
Someone also suggested the Jewish/zionests have little to do with media/movie making in the US, it is common knowledge the media/film industry there is almost totally controlled by these interests ever heard of Stephen Spielburg?

The arguement about Facism vs Communism and who is/was more destructive to be pointless at this stage, the force we are consiouse of now is an evolution of both and magnitudes more insidiouse.

Why kill the media when you own it?
Why fear the future when you create it?
The best prison is one where the inmates are unaware of the cell.

I do agree however that the Bush regime is not a facist or communist controlled front but is a creation of the newer evolution engineered deliberatly to be a blundering force careering blindly through the world to cause outrage and war so certain measures can be put in place by the new force a new order.
Bush is mearly a tool of a far far greater force and expendable.
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