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Write, write, write ghost writer of the shit can. Why didn't you get a job ghost writing, they didn't have enough paper to hold your bullshit. BTW no one here but your cabal gives a goddamn about your life. You can go up the beach bitch and take the long swim just don't leave a note cause no one would have the time to read it within the expected remaining life of the universe. Was your alter BlueAngel, you sound like that MK Ultra everyone wants to know about my life bitch. You should be able to take these words you use them all the time to bully other posters that no believe your shit scrapping crap. Oh here comes one of the cabal, the ultimate embarrassment to poor Jonathan Harris, but indeed lost in space. She, he , or it that has lived in every country in the world and has had its ass run out of most. Can ladumbio be far behind, or up someone's ass as usual.
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