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Took your time Sat, take it your busy today, but I knew you couldn't sit back and watch TB muck it up.

You did read the first post didn't you?

Saturnino wrote:
Bondi has not answered one question.
Like I have said to TB, post what I've missed.

Would you like your own thread as well, feel free to start it, but I am not discussion faith issues, if you disagree with masonry because you feel it contradicts your faith so be it, that is not my concern.

If you want to prove masonry is a religion, murderous gang etc, start a thread I will be there.

Same rules,

One claim per post, line them up and I will respond.

Saturino wrote:
All he says is that his lodge doesn't work with the New World Order.
Well it doesn't!

Saturino wrote:
When confronted with the many testimonies, publications and books about the evil in Masonry he just says: we don't do this and avoids the question. Or he says: this is not Masonry, or this only happens in America. Slick as a wet soap bar.
If something happens in my local church, does that make it so for the whole of Christianity?

The only piece I recall being confronted with was regarding a mans testimony to the ritual of the 33rd degree, of which he never received, or attended, not really sure how I didn't answer that.

Saturino wrote:
He is totally evasive and is taking valuable time from us, who should be discussing the NWO.
Yes the discussion are invaluable, really hitting the spot in this section of the board.

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