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Default Re: Maybe something we can agree on

Saturnino wrote:
Oh, Bondi, you are so dignified.

What happens in this forum is that as soon as it gets rolling, with smart discussions, some idiot appears and starts flooding the forum with meaningless posts. If it is intended disruption or just idiocy, I don't know.
Well you could ask TB to stop :lol: (just kidding)

Saturnino wrote:
fra-Nothing used the be the most stupid of them all. The problem is that people change their knicknames and come back to bother us again.
Ban the IP then. You must have some kind of moderating here?

Saturnino wrote:
I understand TB: it is frustrating for one to research for years, just to see someone come with insults, false arguments or evasive posts like yours.
I know how TB feels, it like reading his responses to me :-(

But what are you to do, give up and let the ignorant win, or plod on regardless.
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