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Thank you, LaDominio; your message illustrates the need for meekness in victory, rather than charging the obvious targets with guns blazing.

When you attack with aggression, you must be calm and centered inside. Likewise, when you deal with an adversary calmly, you must maintain the inner intensity which is required for a killing blow. This is listening to the sounds of the wind and the water.

What two thoughts go throught the mind of every victim when he sees a gun in his ribs?

1) "Hey, this guy wants something from me!"
2) "He doesn't think I'll give it to him without force."

Every victim with a gun to his head understands that the gunman is not entitled to what he wants, thus the need for coercive force. This is the basis of the extortionate transaction.

We are not victims, neither are we the gunmen who cannot simply ask for what we want.
We deserve justice! :-?
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